The Growing Trend of Paint N’ Sip Events

The Growing Trend of Paint N’ Sip Events

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There’s a growing trend in the United States which has been defined with ease by the land of stars and stripes and it is the “paint n’ sip” events – painting lessons for beginners coupled with the tasting of sought after wines. Each lesson is carefully supervised by an instructor who helps students find their artistic expression through social conversation and above all wine!

This trend is not exactly new, it has been around for decades and these events have made their appearances throughout the US cultural scene. There are a variety of paint n’sip like experiences which can range from pottery making to craft work.

It is easy to understand the growing success of these events. They are not very expensive, they’re entertaining, and they usually take place in sought after locations such as art galleries, restaurants and other trendy spots.

These events usually attract women of a reasonable level of education with a passion for art and culture. A segment of the millennial population (aged 21 to 35) who in recent years have been drinking more and more wine, a factor which is associated with these art events.

The glue that holds these events together is the spirit of hospitality which embodies each of these events. The informality facilitates the creation of a relaxed atmosphere and an environment which producers and companies have seen as an opportunity to import their wines for more exposure and appreciation from an audience they may not have been familiar with these products before.

During these painting classes, specific wine varieties are offered with a brief description. This adds an educational aspect which facilitates the spread of a culture of responsible wine consumption and promotes the values and traditions that these high quality wines embody.