The Growth Engine for Italian Wine

The Growth Engine for Italian Wine


Italian wine continues to be a symbol of local culture and tradition which is why numbers of wine lovers increase every year, and are not limited to experts but expand to families who have increased spend on wine by 9% between 2013 – 2015 according to a Censis titled “The Economic and Social Value of the Wine Sector and Its Protagonists”, presented at the study presented at the Annual Meeting of Federvini.

Modern consumers are becoming increasingly more informed and are beginning to spend more on higher quality products with wine among the products of choice, representing the organoleptic segment of purchase power. Wine has become an expression of “Made in Italy” that is now synonymous with quality.

It is also quite interesting to see how wine sales continuously increase, not only when it comes to production of wine bottles but also a whole range of correlated products and activities which have created a parallel market.

Over 16.1 million Italians have been involved in local events, festivals and parties pertaining to the product, while 14.2 million Italians have chosen restaurants based on wine offerings. Food and wine also plays an undeniable role in tourism to Italy.

Price for quality is now a major factor, with 93.2% of consumers not willing to forego a good bottle of wine to save a bit more, especially if they are PDO (DOP) or IGP wines. The brand of a wine is now as important as ever, as well as the history behind the wine, its protagonists, community and territory. This is the new direction of wine.