The Skinny on Frosé vs Wine Slushie

The Skinny on Frosé vs Wine Slushie


You can’t go a summer day in NYC now without hearing a mention of the trendiest drink of this summer – the frosé, also known as the frozen rosé. It has hit NY and London streets by storm, all thanks to NYC Bar Primi’s general manager Justin Sievers who created the drink after wanting to do something special for rosé season. But while drinking your frosé this season, you can’t help but wonder what exactly is the difference between the 2017 rosé trend and the 2016 wine slushie trend?

Frosé vs Wine Slushie

A frosé requires these basic ingredients – a bottle of rosé, sugar and lemon juice. A slushie requires these basic ingredients wine, fruit, sugar. Other ingredients are optional for both – soda water, ginger ale, grenadine etc.

The process to make a frosé seems to be to separately freeze your rosé while creating a sugar syrup, which is also then frozen and combining all of the ingredients in a blender. You can add fresh fruit to this if you like, though generally it seems that most recipes directly highlight the rosé with no added frills.

The process to make a slushie is to add all your ingredients in a blender, freeze your liquid in ice cube trays and then reblend to get that creamy texture.

They sound almost identical, don’t they? Well, in essence they are. Both of these summer frozen drinks have very basic ingredients and are frozen, making for a perfect summer cocktail but if we really want to get down to the nitty gritty we can find a few differences.

Final Verdict on frosé

The frosé seems to showcase the alcohol a bit more than a wine slushie in that most recipes require a much lower ratio of fruit to wine, if any at all. So, the rosé wine or rosato wine is the main star in this drink.

Final Verdict on Wine Slushie

The wine slushie seems to have a higher ratio of fruit to wine, so if you choose your fruit wisely, you can highlight the subtle notes within the wine in a not so subtle way, making this more of a blended frozen sangria.

Our conclusion? We love them both! They may be variations of the same but both the frosé and wine slushie make for the perfect summer cocktails!