Wine: the sweet ‘vin novo’!

Wine: the sweet ‘vin novo’!


It’s well known that the renaissance was the exit from the dark ages, where everything was sin and damnation. However, with the advent of the “New Man”, and some great poets of the period, wine restarts to take its status as the drink of comfort for men.

In our humanist Italy many have sung the praises of wine; as the greatest poet Dante tells us: “watch the heat from the sun that makes wine and still the sweet drink that doesn’t

The most prosaic Cecco Angiolieri was a true fan of wine: “Blessed is he who first invented wine that keeps me happy every day.”

Petrarca in return affirms: Wine or light wine that is the antidote to luxury and comfort to temperance.

Having said it, after all there wasn’t a lot going on in the 12th century… Also the genius of geniuses Leonardo da Vinci between a study and a bloody sketch affirmed: “and however I believe that a lot of happiness is for men that are born where good wines are found.”

Wine is so sweet, good-natured, and consolatory that only the love of our Lord can surpass it. The patron saint of Italy, St. Francis of Assisi, affirms that in his Song of Songs he places a comparison of divine love: More intoxicating than wine is your love… and still… your womb is a full cup / where fragrant wine is never missing… and still boldly: Kiss me with a kiss from your mouth, because your breasts are better than wine. A saint says it that clearly…

We leave the close to Angiolo Poliziano poet of Montepulciano homeland of the best wine that in the Fable of Orpheus’ chorus unmistakably begins with an ode to wine: Each one follow Bacchus, you!/Bacchus Bacchus, eù oè!/ Who wants to drink, who wants to drink,/ come to drink, come here.

And we 100% agree with them!