How to Pair Wine with Dried Fruit

How to Pair Wine with Dried Fruit

frutta secca

Autumn is that time of year when the dinner menu changes from the vivid aromas and bright colors of summer dishes to the pungent flavors of the dishes that lead us into winter. Dried fruit is one of the protagonists of this period: dates, hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachios, raisins and so on – flavors that pair well with the wine. Here is a brief guide on how to pair wine with dried fruit. Welcome Autumn!

Generally dried fruit is served with white wine, a well-structured, acidic wine to counterbalance the savory flavors of nuts and fruit. This means a Soave Superiore del Veneto or a Ramandolo Friulano, both complex, fragrant and beautifully acidic. A Farnito Chardonnay is also a good white wine that adds a bit of strength to a meal, perfect to accompany dishes made with dried fruit.

Now a lot of how you pair your wine will depend on what type of dried fruit you are eating. If it has a sweet tendency such as raisins, dried dates, dried cherries, your best bet is to match with something sweet such as a Sicilian Marsala all’Aleatico del Lazio or a Sardinian Malvasia, or a Vinsanto Toscano. The sweet tendencies of these wines and refined alcohol content will caress the palate like never before, and pleasantly clean it of any residual tastes.

Passito wines or liqueurs make for the perfect match, especially when it comes to desserts that contain dried fruit. The most classic example of them all is the panettone. This raisin filled Italian Christmas cake, is the perfect winter treat to pair with a structured wine to make a simple yet delicious dessert!