How to Store Your Wine in Summer Months

How to Store Your Wine in Summer Months

How to Store Your Wine in Summer Months

Want to know the secret to storing wine?

The best way to store your wine in the hot summer months is putting it in a cool, damp cellar that’s not too large, but dark enough and spacious enough so you can lay your bottles horizontally, and  most preferably on a bed of sand.

We’re asking too much aren’t we? A wine cellar that meets all the criteria may not be accessible to most of us wine lovers and if it were, we may sit in it ourselves to avoid extreme heat. But not to fret, there are easier and more common ways to keep your wine from spoiling due to extreme weather. But first we need to remember our “wine enemies” and the number one adversary of wine is of course none other than – light! So first off, keep your wine bottles out of heavily lit areas. This is sure to increase their life expectancy.

Now onto the next problem which becomes ever more pressing during the summer months – temperature conditions. The best thing you can do to keep your reds safe is place them in a dark corner of a rarely used closet. And if you don’t have a cool place like this, then your best bet is to store them in a fridge until you’re ready to drink them – this is recommended only if you live in an area which has extreme temperatures during summer months and you have no other alternative.

Now that we have saved our wine, let’s talk about a different type of temperature issue – how do we serve a wine at the right temperature in extreme heat? We know that reds should be served at room temperature, but what does that mean in July and August when room temperature is well past the “warm range”?

Generalizations have no absolute value in any field, but we can easily find an ideal temperature for any type of wine, starting with sparkling wine (served at the coolest of most wines). Saprkling wine in the summer can be served at 48°F which is a good summer temperature. Sweet wines such as passiti, can be served at 54°F, and the same temperature of 54°F is also perfect for serving white wines, except if they are aged white wines which should be served at 57°F. Now for the reds – 59°F works for most reds, but if you’re drinking a structured red wine in the summer months, you should be serving it at about 64.5°F.

So how do you keep your wines at the right temperature – yes, the closet solution works but really why not invest in a wine refrigerator? This way you can drink your wines as they should be drunk – at the right temperature and having been stored properly. These refrigerators keep your wines at the right “cool” temperature.

Prices are not too bad for these accessories, but for real connoisseurs of wine, they can’t afford not to have one.