Tuscan cuisine

Tuscan cuisine

facciata di una trattoria toscana

Tuscan cuisine means easy dishes and simple ingredients. This does not make it less interesting: anyone who has had the chance of visiting this wonderful Italian region will be able describe the rich and tasty local cuisine, full of character.

Traditionally considered “basic food”,  because it is based on farmers’ traditional recipes made primarily with the produce of the land,  Tuscan dishes are, on the contrary, rich in flavour, as well as being prepared with ingredients of highest quality, starting from Tuscan extra virgin olive oil, contained in almost all the recipes.

A classic Tuscan meal begins with cold meats (you cannot miss the tasty Tuscan DOP ham) and crostini: toasted bread with chicken livers, capers and butter. On the subject of Tuscan bread, so called “silly” since it contains no salt, it is so good that it is even praised in Dante‘s Divine Comedy, as mentioned in our previous article.

According to tradition, our next dish on the menu would be soup, pappa al pomodoro or ribollita as a first course, while the main course will more likely be meat, such as  tasty tripe or her majesty… the Florentine steak!

Last but not least. Tuscan pastries and desserts are varied, depending on the religious calendar. Nationally famous are Cantucci, paired with Vin Santo, with which you normally end the meal.

Throughout our special edition, we will discover some of these traditional recipes: starter, main course and dessert, not to mention wine-pairing, for a real mouth-watering lunch.