Unique scents and colours

Unique scents and colours

spiaggia sarda, capo teulada
Spiaggia di Tuerredda (Teulada)

Wine and Mediterranean have always got on very well. The precious nectar of Bacchus was introduced to the Mare Nostrum by the Phoenicians, who found fertile soil and a mild climate, ideal for planting vines and growing the most varied crops. The ancient Greeks are credited with spreading grape processing across the Western area, as far as the current Italian coast. It is no coincidence that the name of some varieties of Calabria, Campania and Sicily grapes refers to the Hellenic civilization and its traditions (the vine “Greek”, in this sense, is quite indicative of its origin). Could the two largest islands in the Mediterranean, Sicily and Sardinia, not live up to that tradition?   Here we discovered some of the most beautiful beaches.

 Sicily – Scala dei Turchi – Menfi Doc: It is one of the most beautiful areas of Italy, in the province of Agrigento, overlooking the heart of the Mediterranean and facing North Africa. Fine, white beaches, a few steps from the Valley of the Temples that mark Sicily as the epicentre of Ancient Greece.
Spiaggia di Agrigento, SiciliaBetween the crystal, pristine waters is hidden an irregularly shaped, huge rock wall, known as the Turkish Steps.  Here, under the Arab rule, the pirate ships of the Saracens took refuge, as the area was less exposed to winds so safer for their boats.  The local wines to enjoy are Menfi Doc, white wine produced in the area of ​​Agrigento between Menfi, Sambuca and Sciacca. The native grapes such as Grecanico and Inzolia, and those transplanted as Chardonnay, make this nectar harmonious and dry to the palate, floral to the nose and a deep yellow to the eye, just like the sun, which drenches and illuminates these lands.

Sardinia – Capo Teulada – Carignano del Sulcis Doc: An age-old winemaking tradition combined with beaches of unique beauty. Sardinia’s wine history really loses itself in the folds of the past, as evidenced by the discovery of the oldest western vine in the area nuragica of Cabras, near Oristano.

spiaggia di Villasimius, Sardegna
Spiaggia di Porto Giunco (Villasimius)

The beaches here are absolutely beautiful, but crowded from April until October: Stintino, San Teodoro, Villasimius, Maria Maddalena. Just as unique are the beaches of the less known areas in the North, despite being near the very popular and stunning Costa Smeralda. In Sulcis, in the province of Carbonia and Iglesias, in the south of the island, you will be fascinated by the emerald waters, white beaches and vines stretching as far as the eye can see, along the ridges of sandy coast. This is where the red Carignano grape grows, an ancient vine that can withstand weather conditions that are often difficult, with sudden temperature changes from the sultry heat of the day to the bitter cold of the night. The ruby ​​red colour and harmonious flavour, rounded and drinkable, make these wines the perfect holiday drink, in one of the most beautiful islands in the world.