Vino therapy is an emerging spa trend, where the residue of winemaking, the pips and pulp, are rubbed into the skin and are combined with water to be used as bath water.

According to Lynn Curry of Natural Resources Spa Consulting: “The wine by-products used are red grape extract, micronized yeasts, organic grape seeds, and grape essential oils along with muscatel wines,” says Curry.

The origins of vino therapy can be traced back to France in the early 1970s, when pharmacologist Joseph Vercauteron discovered that grapes were rich in polyphenols and had beneficial effects on skin. Nowadays, Spa experts have gone a step further and offer spa treatments boasting the health benefits of wine by-products.

Vino therapy carried out with wine by-products properties has been shown to stimulate collagen synthesis while supporting capillary health and accelerating wound healing and cell growth.

Today there is vino-therapy at spas all over the world, but especially in the wine country of California. Napa is a hotbed for this kind of treatment, although you may be able to find it in other parts of the area.

A typical Vino therapy session performed at a Spa begins with one of the lightest and most pleasant smelling scrubs such as granulated seaweed and grape seed oil. It is followed by a massage with a gel made of grape extracts that helps smoothen the skin.

Thereafter, the skin will be indulged or bathed in an algae-based lotion made with grape extracts that help tighten the skin. The polyphenols in the grape seeds seep through the skin pores, helping to flush out toxins. After that, a steaming process is carried out for maximum absorption of the skin. The session is completed with a soothing massage.