Wellness and wine

Wellness and wine


Why wine?

According to Health Magazine, America is likely to overtake France and Italy in total wine consumption in the near future.  In America women buy more than 6 out of every 10 bottles sold. So following is a list of positive things women should know about that glass of wine.

  1. You are not going to gain weight.

Research shows that moderate drinkers gain less weight over time than either heavy drinkers or people who abstain from alcohol, particularly women. Moderate drinking means having about two drinks a day for men and one for women.

  1. Prevent ovarian cancer

When Australian researchers recently compared women with ovarian cancer, to cancer-free women, they found that roughly one glass of wine a day seemed to reduce the risk of the disease by as much as 50 percent. Experts suspect this may be due to antioxidants or phytoestrogens, which have high anticancer properties and are prevalent in wine. Moreover, in a recent University of Michigan study, a red wine compound helped kill ovarian cancer cells in a test tube.

  1. Wine cuts risk of cataracts

Moderate drinkers are 32 percent less likely to get cataracts than non-drinkers are; those who consume wine are 43 percent less likely to develop cataracts than those who drink mainly beer.

  1. Strong bones

On average, women who drink moderately seem to have higher bone mass than abstainers. Alcohol appears to boost estrogen levels; the hormone seems to slow the body’s destruction of old bone more than slowing the production of new bone.

  1. Resist to Diabetes

Premenopausal women who drink one or two glasses of wine a day are 40 percent less likely to develop type two diabetes than women who do not drink, according to a 10-year study by Harvard Medical School. While the reasons are not clear, wine seems to reduce insulin resistance in diabetic patients.