What is an Oenophobia? | The Incredible Fear of Wine

What is an Oenophobia? | The Incredible Fear of Wine


There are plenty of phobias that most of us are likely to have heard of such as: claustrophobia, fear of confined spaces; arachnophobia, fear of spiders; acrophobia, fear of heights; ophidiophobia, fear of snakes. These are fears which we certainly may have come across a few times in our lives. But there is one fear that you may not have heard of as much – oenophobia, the fear of wine.

Oenophobia | Is There Really a Fear of Wine?

You bet! Oenophobia is indeed a real fear which brings about paralyzing and often irrational behavior when the oenophobic comes in contact with wine, wine bottles or wine spilled wine. This drink of the gods is not all that godly to a select few who simply can’t come into contact with the fermented nectar which brings pleasure to so many dinner tables.

The fear may have something to do with the idea of intoxication and perhaps the lack of self-control that comes with it or the idea of getting intoxicated to the point of vomiting. When you think about it in these terms, a fear of wine is not all that irrational. There are other suppositions which describe the fear as the paralyzing fear of choosing the wrong wine for an event, thus causing a sense of humiliation.

When in compromising situations that have to do with wine, people who have been diagnosed with Oenophobia suffer from palpitations, shortness of breath and tremors – all symptoms of anxiety. These symptoms arise even at the thought of wine and not only when in close contact.

Oenophobia is definitely not phobia we’d like to develop as we can’t imagine a world without a glass of Brunello di Montalcino to snuggle up to after a long day of work. Drink in moderation and drink quality wines and steer clear of Oenophobia for now.