What Is Orange Wine?

What Is Orange Wine?

orange wine

If you read up on wine trends, then you’ve probably already heard about orange wine and if you haven’t, don’t worry. We will answer the question – what is orange wine?

As the name suggests, orange wines are nothing more than unique-colored wines which are bright and distinctive in nature. They are unmistakable when poured into a glass. These wines are made using an ancient technique which results in this very particular coloring. This technique has come into fashion again by certain producers who have decided to take on a more “ethical” approach to winemaking, refusing any type of chemical treatment at all to their vines.

There is absolutely no artificial coloring added to wine in order to get the orange color. This effect is achieved simply by leaving white wine out to macerate with the skins, just like when making red wine, so the grape skins come in contact with the must during fermentation resulting in this beautiful color.

The aroma and the taste of the final product – orange wine – is unmatched and something quite special!

Orange wine maintains the characteristics of white wine as well as holding some of the characteristics of a red wine, such as the structural complexity. This creates a unique blend that is slowly conquering palates around the world, even wine experts. Given current trends, 2017 could indeed be the year of commercial success for orange wine.