What to bring when invited over to friends

What to bring when invited over to friends

gruppo di amici che brinda

It’s always nice when an old friend invites you over to spend some time together. The struggle often comes, however, in  finding the right gift to bring.

Unless your friend hates drinking, the answer should be simple: a good bottle of wine.

Unlike desserts, wine doesn’t need to be consumed  the same evening and can be saved for some other  time without ever having to embarrass the host.

Should you bring him flowers? No, if they are natural flowers – too demanding (they’ll  die) and too if they’re fake ones, too tacky. What about house gifts? Not for this occasion. And yet you can’t go empty-handed either,  just because you think you are friends,  he/she won’t forget it!

A wine is the perfect gift for any occasion. The choice, however,  matters.

The first thing to consider is whether we’re talking about  lunch, dinner or a just a drink?

Assuming we are talking about  dinner, especially if roast meat, cheese, salami or elaborate dishes, the best thing is to show up with a red full-bodied and spicy flavoured wine: Chianti and Brunello to name a few, but with great Italian reds you never  go wrong. If the occasion is appetizers and fish, a young fresh white wine or a dry rosé will do.

In case you don’t know what’s on the menu, no matter which wine you choose, the important thing is that it’s high quality wine.  For appetizers, Prosecco is perfect on all occasions.

Another key element to consider is your friend’s  level of wine knowledge. If he/she is a true expert,  it’s best to choose regional wines to pair with local food, and a “reserve” when the choice is red wines .

But what if he/she has no interest in wine at all?

Well, in that case you probably have so start thinking about a new friend!