What Wine to Pair with Carnevale Desserts?

What Wine to Pair with Carnevale Desserts?


There is an old proverb in Italy that says – Every dessert is worth it at Carnevale. And this couldn’t be truer during this festive season where masks and confetti can be found in countless Italian cities, along with sweets in countless Italian kitchens! There are plenty of Carnevale recipes that adorn tables during this festive season and here are just a few worth trying:

Le Chiacchiere – Also known in Italian as Frappe, this is a typical sweet of central and southern Italy made with egg-based dough. This simply, strip pastry is either fried or baked and covered in powdered sugar. The sweetness of the pastry and sugar, combined with the crunchiness of the dough goes really well with a pudding, which in ancient times used to be made of sugar, chocolate and even pig blood! Needless to say, this recipe is long gone but that doesn’t stop us from eating up Le Chiacchiere and washing them down with a bit of wine. So, what’s the best wine for a dessert like this? We recommend a wine liqueur or a passito.

Il Migliaccio – Yet another southern Italian recipe, this sweet is a simple cake made of semolina flour that is left slow to cook in milk and butter and then mixed with eggs, sugar and ricotta. The sweet and savory combo is reminiscent of the famous Neapolitan pastiera. The best pairing for this sweet is a passito or a wine liqueur, or an infusion which is typical of the Italian tradition – something like a limoncello or a nocino.

La Schiacciata alla Fiorentina – Go up a bit further to Tuscany and you will find this delicious sweet – a marvel of Florence. This is a typical” poor man’s dessert” is a mixture of eggs, flour, sugar, milk, extra virgin olive oil and oranges. Today it is often paired with Chantilly cream or cocoa to add a bit of softness and creaminess to the dessert. The best pairing for this dessert is a regional classic such as a Vinsanto del Chianti which softens the consistency of the Schiacciata, bringing out the flavors of the liqueur.