Why Italian Food Is The Best In The World

Why Italian Food Is The Best In The World

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Italy is a popular vacation spot and one of the reasons for this is undeniably thanks to Italian food! Of course, tourists visit to see the open air museum, natural wonders and centuries of history this beautiful country has to offer but the food… oh the food…

Italian food is internationally renowned but have you ever wondered why?

You don’t have to rack your brain too much. New Yorker writer David Infante, a New Yorker with Italian origin, has summed it up perfectly in an article published in a magazine dedicated to gastronomy- the Thrillist. Here are his 6 reasons on why Italian food is one of the best cuisines in the world.

1 All Italian restaurants are good restaurants. You don’t need to count Michelin stars when you’re in Italy. Even the most unknown restaurants serve mouth-watering specialties.

2 Unrivalled pizza. Italian cuisine offers one of the best dishes imaginable – pizza. Italians may take their pizza for granted a bit since it is so common, but you can be sure that the quality and taste to a foreigner is unmatched anywhere else. As David Infante says, pizza is “incredibly nimble, unspeakably delicious, and, most importantly, easy to produce, the classic Neapolitan pie is the philosophical urtext of the entire category of food — a fast-casual street staple that has the range & nuance to accommodate as much preciousness as a pizzaiolo is willing to put into it.”

3 Great variety. Italian food has something very particular about it – it varies from region to region, even from town to town. There are so many specialties typical of Italy, that it is almost impossible to list them all.

4 Extraordinary chefs. Now it is sure that chefs are helped by the high quality ingredients that Italy has to offer, but the international success that Italian chefs have had is undeniable.

5 Competition is welcomed. You can find Italian restaurants practically anywhere in the world but beware of imitation Italian food. True Italian cuisine is impossible to copy, although many try. The secret to Italian food is fresh, raw ingredients and it is noticeable when you taste it in Italy for the very first time.

6 Unique dishes. Pasta is the true symbol of Italian cuisine. It comes in all shapes and sizes and according to David Infante is an excellent reason to enjoy Italian cuisine.