Wine Both Work & Play | Vinitaly

Wine Both Work & Play | Vinitaly

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 “Wine is my job and it is the reason why I am here”, says Ingrid with her beautiful smile. It is not the only statement of its kind from all the wine lovers who took to the podium to talk to Tell Me Wine during Vinitaly 2016 in Verona. More and more people are approaching wine as a profession, not only as a personal interest. Whether they study agriculture or enology, aspire to become sommeliers or open a wine shop – wine attracts those of all ages. The younger wine lovers are not just looking for an “easy way to drink”. No. No. The newer generations of wine lovers are full of passion, awareness and dedication to the product. Remember when the world of food and wine was something obscure? Well, it’s back and stronger than ever.

Nowadays work and innovation in Italy are directly related to food and wine culture. More and more brands within the wine industry, such as Carpineto, use environmentally innovative technologies. This innovation has helped in raising interest of a younger crowd who want to learn and grow within the trade, becoming ever more skilled in harvesting, defoliation, preparation of must, and then of course marketing and international communication to help pour the wine directly into the glass on our table. “Wine is my life. My grandfather founded the company and I hope to be the future”, reveals Domenico from Bari. “I am a sommelier and work in a wine shop and I am immersed in wine every day,” says Sofia from the province of Ferrara. “From one to ten, for me wine is a nine. It’s my profession and is a huge part of my life”, says Paolo from the province of Monza. Different people, common stories and all in the name of that sublime nectar that made ancient Romans believe in the power of miracles, so much so that a god was created to embody wine.

Working in the world of wine seems to go hand in hand with storytelling. People feel the need to talk about the history of their vineyards and territories and the stories are never cliché. The success of Tell Me Wine proves it. The proof is in the hundreds of interviews, dozens of experiences, territories and vocations, a unique passion that is expressed in work, the effort but also the satisfaction of knowing that is helping to improve and boost the economy of the whole country.

Young people and adults who have decided to invest their future in wine, between a vineyard and a wooden barrel, want to tell the world what the best of Italy is like. “Wine gives many young people a chance to express themselves in an industry they prefer”, says Gian Maria from Verona. The key to it all is right here, in this inextricable mix of territory, love, effort and work. Because working all day in a cellar simply cannot be pleasurable without the passion that drives it.