Wine Capsules | A Do or Don’t Gadget?

Wine Capsules | A Do or Don’t Gadget?

vino in capsule

When something meets the standard of perfection, it is difficult to innovate yet the obsession with novelty and technological advancement in modern society sometimes blindsights us to the intrinsic qualities of an already perfect product. Sometimes looking for improvement is perhaps simply not necessary.

We’re talking about the mania surrounded by drinks in capsules. This phenomenon has already taken the world of coffee by storm, and is slowly catching on in the world of wine. You can give thanks (or blame, depending how you look at it) to D-Vine, a French produced device called 10-a-vins. This same company gave us wine in tubes just a few years ago.

D-Vine has given us the perfect glass of wine, with a device which respects the right temperature and amount of oxygen which is poured. Admittedly, this idea follows suit to the enormous success of coffee capsules which made its way into the restaurant industry and in most coffee loving households. This winning wine idea is both aesthetically pleasing and is environmentally friendly, produced from recycled materials.

D-Vine recently presented at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas and was seen as a gem in the world of electronics. The 10-a-vins works with small wine bottles and a chip which contains all the necessary data regarding the wine to ensure proper service. The machine can read the chip and not only adjust temperature, but also oxygenation, and according to the creators – the perfect pour in less than a minute.

It’s all well and fine but the real question is – are we really sure the good old glass bottle isn’t enough?