Wine Consumption Around the World

Wine Consumption Around the World

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There is a revolution happening in wine consumption around the world as seen by Coldiretti which has witnessed an evolution of consumer habits on a global level which ranks wine-consuming countries with US in the lead by +1%. Other rankings of the podium include France (-1.2%), Germany (+1.1%) and Italy which has reached moderate growth at +0.3%.

The 30.1 hectoliters which filled the glasses of USA consumers, marks the the US as the most appreciative of wine lovers in the world making wine the beverage of choice for Americans, especially when it comes to certified labels such as PDO wines like Chianti and Brunello di Montalcino.

Even if wine consumption in Italy has decreased, this certainly doesn’t mean that Italians have stopped appreciating their wine! Numbers show an extremely lively growth in the Italian wine sector especially when it comes to production. Made in Italy continues to be at the top worldwide with 49.5 million hectoliters of wine produced, a number that surpasses even that of France.

If you cross these numbers with those of consumption, you find something quite interesting – a push in Italian wine production. There is not only an internal market on the rise but Italian viticulture sells really well abroad as well and has reached an historical record – an increase of 5% which is driven mainly by US market preferences. The value of exports in the United States has grown by 13%!

The undisputed quality of Italian wine has become synonymous with prestige and taste around the world!