Wine – A Passion Beyond Age | Vinitaly

Wine – A Passion Beyond Age | Vinitaly

TMW Carpineto

Wine is bridge between different generations in Italy. Interviews with Tell Me Wine during Vinitaly’s 2016 have confirmed it and it’s all in the stories – from hand-picking harvesting to carts pulled by mules all the way to the mechanics and the latest in wine-making discoveries. Many Tell Me Wine stories talked about how wine is made of solid family tradition and transformed into work which become a simple every day passion.

A story which is worth noting is Alberto’s from Treviso who told us, “Passion for wine comes from my brother’s teachings.” Alessandro from Turin told us, “My father has a great passion for wine – it all started from there”. And Roberta from Calabria jokingly said, “As a child, my mom used to add a little bit of wine to my milk bottle!”.

There is nothing more innovative tradition. The words above prove just that. In the four days we spent at Vinitaly in Verona, Tell Me Wine was able to listen and gather memories and aspirations, memories and hopes of those aged 18 to 99 years old who have made wine a life passion.  Working with centuries-old teachings, innovating these methods and helping them grow is like cultivating them as you would cultivate a vineyard which only in time will bear fruit. This is what is learned, what is taught – this is the path they are on – a path to spread the culture wine as much as possible. A path bring wine to another level for those who still believe that the nectar of Bacchus is a simple alcohol as another.

“My passion for wine comes from a family generation of winemakers”, confirms Mirko from Ortona, province of Chieti. A promising young wine that collects the knowledge and the fruits of grandparents and great-grandparents only to transform them and rework them to market them, as many Italians are doing today.  But there is no production without consumption. Whether it’s a deep love or simple interest, wine is entering into our lives more and more. A drink with friends creates life stories, friendship and even love – this is what visitors at Tell Me Wine have told us. Pieces of an even bigger story, which talk of love for wine and the pleasures of the table, all told by the real stars of the wonderful world of wine –  you!

That picture which has yellowed with age, the one of tired men next to a mule or a heavy crate – these are the images which are present in the minds of those currently driving tractors in the vineyards today, those weighing grapes, tasting them, checking their ripeness, those whose job it is to oversee the wine cellars and tastings and of course the food journalists. All of these jobs form an endless chain made up of professionals and amateurs, young and old, experienced and aspiring – because there is nothing quite like wine to make us feel part of a community that wants to expand more and more.