Wine Gadgets | Wine Pearls to Keep Wine Cold

Wine Gadgets | Wine Pearls to Keep Wine Cold


If you like your white wine chilled and your wine cabinet filled with the trendiest wine gadgets, then the newest addition to your collection should definitely be wine pearls. Wine pearls are very similar to the ever-popular whiskey stones, but made specifically for wine glasses. About 1 inch long and 3/4 inch in diameter, these popular stainless steel ice cubes are ideal for those summer outdoor lunches, where guests bring your favorite wine and just not enough time to chill it in time to share.

What Temperature Should My White Wine Be?

Please remember that your white wine should not be served at extremely cold temperatures. Ideally, most white wines shouldn’t even be refrigerated but kept in a wine cellar till serving time. Keep this in mind when using your wine pearly because your white wine will be chilled to just the right temperature, which will certainly not be “cold” but cool as white wine is meant to be served. The following are temperatures to which white wine should be served according to the Association of Italian Sommeliers.

Simple, young white wines chilled to 42°F to 46°F.
Dry white wines and rosé wines should be chilled to 46°F to 50°F.
Mature, structured white wines should be chilled to 50°F to 54°F. 

No more. No less.

Why Use Wine Pearls?

There are plenty of wine gadgets that will chill your wine quickly, but considering wine pearls range from about $20 – $30 for a set of 4, you can’t really beat a quick fix like this one.

If you want to drink your favorite bottle of Chardonnay and you simply don’t have the time or space to chill it, just pop a wine pearl in and you’re good to go. Never, ever… we repeat… never add ice cubes directly to your white wine. The water will dilute the wonderful fresh flavors your white wine is known for.

Wine pearls are designed to fit your wine glass perfectly, thanks to their rounded shape and best of all they are made to rest at the bottom of the glass so that they don’t disturb your sipping experience.

A few brand names that have good reviews are VinoVino wine pearls and SPARQ wine pearls. So go ahead and keep your wine in your cupboard. You’re covered with your newest wine gadget!