Wine, Sex & Eroticism

Wine, Sex & Eroticism

vino e sesso

There is a strong link between wine, sex, eroticism and yes – red wine! Ah, but this is not news to most. In fact, the link between wine and sex dates back to ancient mythology. Think about Bacchus – the Roman god of wine who can easily be perceived as a symbol of wild and vital sensuality, with a brimming cup in hand and often a smile on his face.

Depicted both in pictures and literature, Bacchus is often linked with inebriated euphoria which can easily translate into passion, sometimes bordering on ecstasy. This Roman god is one of desire and eros. Poets such as Ovid, speak of the dangers of transgression by using the myth of Bacchus and that warm, red, voluptuous liquid called wine, of which passion itself is born.

Not only does literature and ancient mythology speak of wine in terms of sex and eroticism, but science has jumped the bandwagon as well.

A recent study from Harvard University and East Anglia University has stated that food and drink rich in flavonoids, one of the most diverse polyphenol varieties, greatly help balance the circulatory system. These phytochemicals in simple terms – red wine helps decrease erectile dysfunction!

A similar result was deduced by researchers at the University of Florence. Women proved to have a positive response to red wine, when drunk regularly, and in moderation.

So enough talk about wine, sex and eroticism. It’s time to drink! And what better to put you in the mood than a Carpineto Rosso di Montalcino DOC.

Bacchus would approve!