Wine vs Beer

Wine vs Beer

vino e birra

Coppi or Bartali; Beatles or Rolling Stones; wine or beer. Sometimes it is difficult to express a preference and the history of our culture is full of dichotomies and rivalries, all able to almost tear friends, families and whole cities apart…

This may seem like hyperbole, especially when it comes to food and wine, but these things are taken quite seriously. Just ask Chef Carlo Cracco who tried to add garlic to the ever famous amatriciana pasta dish!

This is why it is important approach these matters rationally. The eternal battle between wine and beer has its many pros and cons and you may come close to finding a “winner” though needless to say the list of “pros” for wine might just be a bit longer than those of beer.

Let’s start at the most interesting. Anyone watching their diet, may appreciate the fact that a glass of wine (red or white) whereas a glass of beer, may seem to have less calories, but actually has an abundance of carbohydrates which causes the “bloating” effect. This certainly doesn’t help the figure.

Of course this is not the only pro in favor of the wine! There are several other factors that play a decisive role in this challenge, many of which have to do of course with health and nutrition.

A Canadian test recently stated that those who drink wine on a regular basis are less likely to suffer from coronary heart disease and less likely to develop cancer, perhaps due to the resveratrol found in grapes.

On the other hand, statistics show that regular wine consumers are also more careful about their food intake with an abundance of fruits and vegetable and less fat intake.

The choice of beer varieties is wide, wine itself is actually much more versatile. Whether it be red, white, rosé, sparkling or dessert wine, there is no food or occasion that does not have a wine to match. And thanks to the experience of winemakers and sommeliers who have helped build a strong reputation for wine, any evening can easily become one full of charm and sophistication.

So it seems the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to wine vs beer. So all you need to decide on now is which wine to drink with dinner tonight!