Women Like Men Who Drink Wine

Women Like Men Who Drink Wine


So, you don’t drink. Well, according to some studies you may be considered “boring” to women! Yes, women like men who like a drink.

According to a study done by Women & Wine Association led by Donatella Cinelli Colombini and Gabriele Micozzi, researchers at the prestigious Luiss University of Rome, 30% of women surveyed found that men who do not drink a bit less attractive than those who do. And 25% of women actually found men who don’t drink wine… boring.

The survey questioned 1200 women between 18 to 60 years old and seems to have conclude that the majority of women view wine as the essence of “being social”, so much so that 34% of the subjects said that a meal which doesn’t include wine is not exactly a meal as it is a necessary means of nurturing oneself; 28% of women described a meal without wine “sad”; and 28% said that a meal without wine is the true sense of “being on a diet”. This study reflects the concept of sharing, especially when it comes to sharing a meal. According to the survey, wine seems to add that very aspect with a special someone such as a partner (48%), lover (28%) or a friend (17%).

There is one interesting certainty that comes from this survey and that is that women feel that wine is a staple food, and one they treat like any other, making sure they know the nutritional properties such as calories etc.

The findings of this research is quite simple and obvious, as noted by Gabriele Micozzi, “Women consumers buy wine after a careful analysis which combines personal taste and information. They buy wine when they are completely convinced, therefore making them responsible consumers.”